Acrobatic Gymnastics is an ancient activity that emphasizes the combined beauty of dance and acrobatics. Gymnastic skills add excitement to the exercises. Acrobatic balance skills show grace, Strength, and flexibility. Choreography and synchronization add flare and creativity to each exercise.

Director Laurie

With over 30 years of gymnastics experience, Laurie has coached and trained classes from parent & tot recreational, through competitive artistic gymnasts and acrobatic gymnastics.  She is a USA Gymnastics Acro Judge.  Laurie holds a     bachelor’s degree in business management, and an athletic coaching certificate from Elmhurst College.  For over 10 years, she was a performer in multiple circuses including Windy City Circus, Triton Trouper Circus, and The Circus Kingdom.  She has received the “Triton Trouper” and the “Best Performer” awards.  Laurie lives in Pacific with her husband Scott and their three children Stephanie, Katie , and Zack .  Laurie hopes that she can spread the excitement brought to her by these sports throughout the community and beyond.


Show-Me Acro Staff

Laurie Borcherding – Director, Head Coach, JudgeIvaylo Katsov – Coach

Show-Me Acro National Team 2019

(back row) Amy Bianucci, Abby Dunn, Jocelyn Kluempers, Lydia Maune, Katie Melton, Caylei Caldwell, Katie Borcherding, Jenna Brown, Lucy Dunn, Lily Cozby, Lilly Bowman

(middle) Laura Coroama, Jordan Brotcke, Izzy D’Angelo-Jones, Eily  Caldwell, Emily Tuschoff, Destiny Nolting, Reagan Melton, Abby Wassall, Mya Nolte, Olivia Crabtree, Gracie Deters

(front) Alexa Collora, Annagail Bodi, Cami Wilson, Olivia French, Brinleigh Miller, Annalea Henry, Hayden Frazier, Cheyenne Hill, Gracy Webb, Klover Bowman, Courtney Werner

(not pictured) Mary Dunn, David Vonder Haar